Celebrating YES 10th Anniversary!

Celebrating YES 10th Anniversary!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fresh New Beginnings.

Bits of 2012.... 1) YES Picnic!
Activities during our picnics are usually spontaneous!! Most of the time, the attendees prefer to catch up and talk, while others gobble away on the food, and others run around playing a variety of sports including football and soccer. There’s usually a shutterbug there too, who loves to take photos of the attendees, usually whether they approve or not! 2) Relay For Life
Our YES ALUMNI MALAYSIA team! This year, we decided to do something different. We weren't the main organizer for this wonderful event in fact, we went as supporters! Relay For Life has been ongoing, even in the United States. the event was a public one and was held to raise cancer-awareness in addition to raising funds for the Malaysian Cancer Society. We are happy to be able to participate in Malaysia's very own RFL. There was a great turn up for the YES ALUMNI MALAYSIA team, with a good mix of local and international students. Summary of activities done on the day: i. The students met up Stadium UKM, Bangi. ii) The students were required to set up a booth (we had lots of fun face-painting!) and also to walk on the track throughout the night (of course, we all took turns) iii) The alumni were expected to stay the night at the field, leaving only late the next morning Stay tuned for more updates!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hello, it’s Spring!

After our long stretch of hosting the once-in-a-month picnics, we’re extremely glad to say we had the best turn out yet!

With our “Hello, it’s Spring!” theme, who could resist the fresh air, food and scenery.

YES Alumni, AFS returnees and even students preparing for their AFS exchange came for some outdoor fun.

Sentul Park was the perfect place for our picnic paradise. Big open space, lush greenery and the lake welcomed us. With KL Performing Arts Centre (KLPac) there as well, you couldn’t help but to feel the creative juices and admire the theatre-esque landscape.

As we had so many newcomers this time, we went round introducing ourselves and even played a game to break off the ice.

Some began throwing around the good ol’ American football, frisbee and others indulged in endless conversation and laughter.

Let’s hope the next picnic will be even better! So look out for our updates on Facebook for the next one (:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

YES Think Tank II

YES Alumni Malaysia Think Tank II was held last Friday - Sunday, 28th-30th October at the Holiday Villa Apartment, Ampang Kuala Lumpur.

Think Tank is a brainstorming session with YES Alumni committee members, trainers and members. New ideas were proposed and lots of activities were planned to be done within this year and next year. We also had guests come in to talk and discuss about possible project collaborations.

We are really glad that everything went smoothly and was a great success!
Let the pictures tell the story :)
Welcome to YES Think Tank II :)
Alumni who attended YES Think Tank :

Our beloved YES Alumni Malaysia President
- Yah Tyng
Teri and Jim
E laine
(serious working look) xD
Yee Wan and Sheena
Johann and Thessa
The boy who turned 18 on Saturday!
Chia Yen
Teng Fatt
(and the turtle)
We set up the place to have a better working environment, welcoming more inspiration!
Sometimes "ONE WORD" is not enough to express yourself. xD
We were divided into groups to work on different projects.

We had guests come in too to discuss on potential project collaborations.
The MAAP came in and we had great discussion.
Looking forward to projects together :)
We had VIPs come in as well. Datin Natrah Abdullah and Jelberter Robert from SP Setia were there to discuss on the English Enrichment Project. We are really proud of Jim for his awesome presentation :)

Of course it's not only about squeezing the brain juices.
Chilling sessions with the other alumni too :)
Teri taking a break
(Song jammed for the day - Someone Like You by Adele)
YES'11 on photobooth !
(where is Yee Wan and Thessa?)
Cheese :) Just before presenting their group proposal!
Hangout to KLCC !!!
Ka-chak !
(camera sound) LOL
Nando's moment!
Look at the amount of foooood!
Birthday surprise for the birthday boy :)
so sweeeeeet lah...
Look at the all activities and ideas we came up with!
Azhan was just too tired. Lol
Midnight twister session was awesome!
Sorry there are no pictures for this because they are all "censored"

Overall, it was not only fun but productive and inspirational too. It gave chances to the new blood (YES'11) to contribute to the big YES family and the other alumni to gather together. As always, the alumni bonded throughout thus pumping each other up with team spirit!

So don't worry if you missed out on Think Tank because more activities are coming up for the alumni. Keep looking out on our Facebook page for details!