Celebrating YES 10th Anniversary!

Celebrating YES 10th Anniversary!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fresh New Beginnings.

Bits of 2012.... 1) YES Picnic!
Activities during our picnics are usually spontaneous!! Most of the time, the attendees prefer to catch up and talk, while others gobble away on the food, and others run around playing a variety of sports including football and soccer. There’s usually a shutterbug there too, who loves to take photos of the attendees, usually whether they approve or not! 2) Relay For Life
Our YES ALUMNI MALAYSIA team! This year, we decided to do something different. We weren't the main organizer for this wonderful event in fact, we went as supporters! Relay For Life has been ongoing, even in the United States. the event was a public one and was held to raise cancer-awareness in addition to raising funds for the Malaysian Cancer Society. We are happy to be able to participate in Malaysia's very own RFL. There was a great turn up for the YES ALUMNI MALAYSIA team, with a good mix of local and international students. Summary of activities done on the day: i. The students met up Stadium UKM, Bangi. ii) The students were required to set up a booth (we had lots of fun face-painting!) and also to walk on the track throughout the night (of course, we all took turns) iii) The alumni were expected to stay the night at the field, leaving only late the next morning Stay tuned for more updates!

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